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FINAL Deadline for submissions:
July 7, 2023

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Invitation to Participate in MEMS Industry Commercialization Report Card Study

Dear MEMS Colleague…good day. 
I greatly appreciate your past assistance in helping me create the MEMS Commercialization Report Card. 2021 marked the 23rd anniversary of the creation and publication of this unique, retrospective “yardstick” assessing the challenges and progress of the MEMS commercialization.

The year 2021 was the most significant in the Report Card’s history where 13 of the 14 subject grades declined due to the long-term negative effects of COVID and supply chain disruptions (the "Established Infrastructure" subject declined two grades).  Additionally, the overall grade declined from B- to C+...breaking a chain of the previous six years' grades of B-. Please take a moment to review the scores and "verbatims" presented in the 2021 Final Report by visiting my website These results were also presented at several publications and international conferences/webinars throughout the year.

My intention in continuing to create and publish this valuable and “one of a kind” MEMS Commercialization Report Card Study is to enhance the awareness in the MEMS community of the barriers to the rapid and successful commercialization of MEMS and to provide recommended strategies and actions for overcoming these barriers. “If you cannot measure it, you cannot fix it."

Since you are one of a very special group of individuals I have asked to participate in this study, please access the input form using the link below and include your “grade” for each of these subjects (critical success factors) and your verbatim comment(s) on the subject(s) that you consider to have changed most significantly and the rationale for this in the spaces provided.  

Thank you for your kind consideration of my request.

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1. Download the Report Card Data Collection form using the button below and save it to your computer.

2. Open the Report Card Data Collection form and enter your grades in the 2022 column based upon your assessment.

3. In the text fields provided, identify the top subject whose grade differs most significantly from the 2021 grades and include your rationale.

When complete,  save your Report Card Data Collection form and email it to me by July 7, 2023 as an attachment at [email protected]

Download Data Collection Form