Market Research and Strategy for the MEMS and Sensors Industry

You need to know where you are and where you are going to best arrive at your destination…and so it is in business…and market research is what you need to deliver the critical information necessary to create your products/services that best serve the market needs. For market strategy to be effective, is must be grounded on information which is accurate and in-depth driven by market research. Strategy development must take into effect goals of the client and the dynamics of the market.

What Roger Grace Associates provides:
In-depth, personal, and confidential custom market research with targeted buying influencers and subsequent market strategy development delivering actionable recommendations and successful implementation efforts include: 

• Competitive landscape - strengths and weaknesses of you vs. your competition
• Internal competency of your organization
• Conducting SWOT Analyses
• Determination of unfulfilled needs of the customer
• Buyers’ perceptions, attitudes and opinions of you and your competitors
• Key decision factors in making a buying decision
• Purchasing intention and timing
• Product line analysis and extension recommendations
• Market entry planning, recommendation, and execution
• Product definition…specifications/ features/price
• Strategic partnership analysis and development
• New business development recommendations and execution
• Product distribution approach options

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What Roger Grace Associates' clients have to say...

Dean Modroukas, Ph.D.
Director of Advanced Programs
Military Aerospace Systems

"Your efforts instantly contributed to helping our Advanced Concepts Group determine the relevance of their technology portfolio to where you believe the market is headed. These markets involved the aerospace field (our core business and a business you are familiar with) but also encompassed other fields as well, which you were able to clearly connect us to. Your insight into the MEMS and aerospace business was very much in line with our needs and was invaluable in helping our team to see the “birds-eye view” of the market, not just the specific technology. In addition, you always seemed to go above and beyond by suggesting the appropriate technical and networking conferences or workshops attend."

Bassam Saadany, Ph.D.
MEMS Division Manager
Si-Ware Systems
Diagnostic Instruments

"I would like to thank you for the marketing study you did for my division recently. Although you faced a new and undiscovered area, your methodology, as well as your long experience, proved to be highly valuable in approaching the study. In a relatively short time not only you were able to identify the right conferences and customers to address, but also you did several meetings and surveys that resulted in invaluable information for our business decisions."

Jay Mitchell, Ph.D.
ePack, Inc.
Sensor Packaging

"In summary, and speaking for my Board of Directors, I consider Roger’s contribution to the development of our overall business strategy to be immensely valuable to our future business direction. He went above and beyond the “call of duty” and the statement of work to add exceptional value and experience to our young business. His technology expertise, marketing acumen, and broad industry knowledge and connections in the international MEMS community with high-level players are truly unique in the industry. More so, we consider his enthusiasm and commitment to contribute to the future success of our company to be exemplary. He more than exceeded our high level of expectation to be gained from the undertaking of the project."

Charles T. Mooney,
Business Director
Emerson and Cuming
Sensor Materials

"We were impressed with the logic and rationale used in developing the surveys as well as the personal attention and oversight provided by you. We felt that your ability to grasp our needs coupled with your ability to identify the right contacts at a diverse sample of potential material users provided invaluable and timely insight into our market understanding and material development efforts. Your choice of the correct personnel to conduct the survey was invaluable in the execution of the work and extracting the highest value from the survey participants. Your delivery of the final report was the capstone of this project and only added to the overall value."

Dominique E. Schinabeck, Chairman and CEO
Acutronic USA, Inc.
MEMS Test Equipment

"Due to your vast know-how of the MEMS industry, the technology perspective as well as your extensive network, you have enabled us to gain insight and opportunities into relevant areas of the market which we are currently trying to enter into.

The customer feedback you have provided to us will help us in the definition of our future market entry strategy and the refining of our service and product offerings for our new endeavor."

Matthew Apanius, Director
Desich SMART Center
Sensor Assembly, Packaging, and Test

"Roger leveraged his network for the marketing study where he conducted over 13 interviews of people representing over 300 years of accumulated MEMS experience. These MEMS "pioneers" brought experience from over 40 MEMS organizations worldwide, such as Fairchild, NovaSensor, Ford, IMT, SiTime, Acuity, Advanced MicroSensors, SoftMEMS, Merit Sensors, University of Michigan, and Case Western Reserve University. The outcome of the study was the development of a Five-Point Strategic Plan that was shared and approved by the Desich SMART Center's oversight institution - Lorain County Community College."