Pre-Con All-Day Symposium

Monday, June 24, 2024
9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon.

(Roger Grace - Session Organizer and Chairman)

Session Title: Printed, Flexible, Stretchable, and Functional/E-Fabric Sensors and Sensor-Based Systems: New Platforms to Enable Emerging Applications in Wearables and IoT Applications

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(Image courtesy of UC San Diego/Professor Joe Wang)

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Roger Grace
, Roger Grace Associates, Introduction and Overview to Printed/Flexible/Stretchable and Functional Fabric Sensors and Sensor-Based Systems: Challenges and Opportunities

Joe Wang, UC San Diego, All-in-One: Multi-Modal Wearable Sensor Patches for Monitoring Chemistry and Vitals (KEYNOTE)

Massood Atashbar, Dinesh Maddipatla; Western Michigan University; Development of Flexible Hybrid Electronics Using Advanced Manufacturing for Sensing and Energy Storage Applications

Alex Cook, NextFlex, A Scalable Architecture for Integration of Flexible Hybrid Electronics into Smart Textiles to Support Human Monitoring, Communications and Performance

Rob Irwin, Molex, Integration and Interconnects: Critical Factors for Printed Hybrid Electronics’ Commercialization Success

Complementary lunch, compliments of Questex/Sensors Converge

The availability of sensors that can conveniently conform in shape to their imposed working environment has existed for quite some time with the earliest being for aerospace and medical applications. Most recently, there has been exponential growth in the field of flexible, printed, and organic large-area electronics and sensors are driven by applications including physiological/activity monitoring in wearables for e-Health, sports/recreational, and military personnel and the Internet of Things (IoT).

These new electronics and sensors are fabricated on flexible plastic substrates or are printed/woven into fabrics (e-textiles/smart fabrics), which offer advantages including low unit cost, mechanical robustness, shape conformity, light-weight, and low profile. The creation of these “non-classical” platforms is enabled by the high-throughput manufacturing processes of devices including for those over large areas using various technologies including Roll-to-Roll printing.

Six speakers, including Roger Grace, representing the international “who’s who” in this topical area, will present several of the more interesting printed/flexible/stretchable(P/F/S) and e-textile /smart fabric (ET/SF) sensor technologies, their current and future applications and products that they enable. In addition to these sensors, we will address several other electronic functionalities and the challenges of their packaging and integration with other functional elements of basic wearable and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Finally, barriers to the successful commercialization of these sensors and recommended strategies for market success will be presented.

Why This Should Matter to You
We expect attendees to leave the session with an excellent understanding of where the technologies have come from, where they are, where they are going, and what is necessary to help create more commercially viable P/F/S and ET/SF businesses, as well as where attendees can effectively participate in exploiting current and future major application opportunities for P/F/S and ET/SF sensors. This Sensors Converge 2024 Pre-Conference Symposium is expected to have the most highly concentrated and expansive effort to date to exclusively address the topic of P/F/S and ET/SF sensors.

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NOTE: Get the Roger Grace Associates Friends and Family discount of $100 by using the discount code: RGRACE100

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